Development Experience since 1987

In case of Agile Dev we follow a model of continuous improvement iterations where we mix both requirements and development activities oriented to an slightly customer required blurred goal. As soon as we complete iterations the goal becomes more clear.

In case of Water Fall Dev we provide requirement management, system test early definition, strict requirement-oriented software development, unit testing, integration testing and acceptance testing. This model is oriented to those customers where project cycle observance has become part of their corporate culture.



We Provide Fast Track Development

Programs In Motion adapts to customer expectation in terms of selecting any of current Agile project techniques. Program In Motions adapts to the required level of formalism in terms of Requirements Tracking, Impact Analysis and System Coverage.



Staff experience in the Space Industry

We provide a Software Development Cycle based in the following phases:

Requirements, Development, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing

Programs InMotion provides high quality of documents for each phase milestone based on the experience gained in the heavy formality of the Space Business.



04. Real Time Systems

Real Time Systems development Experience

Our customers may take the advantage of the large experience of the Programs Inmotion Software Engineers and architects in designing and developing Real Time Systems based on widely used commercial Real Time Kernels. We provide experts in software development for system with both high level and assembler programming languages.


05. DSP Didital Signal Procesing Systems

DSP Development

We deliver DSP projects based in the experience of our Digital Signal Processing subject matter experts. Our engineers have designed DSP systems with DSP integrated circuits to carry out FFT computations for going from the time domain to the frequency domain using digital filtering, windowing and averaging. If you are in a need of experts to speed up your DSP project we could be your ideal ally to achieve your goal.


We are your partners in the development of applications